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Alpha Provides Fit-For-Purpose Commissioning Solutions - “Commissioning is a dynamic or energized testing of a functional system that validates system design, fabrication, installation and performance through a single or series of tests.”


Commissioning and Start-Up Services

At Alpha Completions Group, we believe that commissioning is more than just the final act of a project - it’s a commitment to excellence, accountability, safety, performance and total responsibility of delivering a quality product to the project’s client-operators. The integrity of every engineered design, every decision and every phase of project development maintain the highest level of client standards. We deliver safe facility commissioning and start-up projects that perform as intended – to ensure that Operations teams can accept with confidence. At Alpha, we can provide part-time consultancy during the early phase of a project OR a full turn-key commissioning program. 

Our dedication, personal service and accountability are a key part of our professional culture. We’re not a body shop, we’re an extension of your best teams.

What makes Alpha Completions Group's commissioning services different?

  • Always keeping the end in mind – with a culture of safety at every turn
  • Our people have field experience and they have been on the client’s side of the desk
  • We treat every project as though it is our only project – we know that our client’s reputation and Alpha’s reputation depend on ultimate success of every project we tackle
  • Proactive leadership throughout all phases of the project
  • Client-centric, forward thinking approach to challenges and opportunities
  • Experienced guidance and suggestions to mitigate risk
  • We understand that many offshore projects have financial impact that exceeds billions of dollars - and we treat your budgets as though they are our budgets

Contact us today to learn more about how our experienced commissioning and certification teams can help you improve the safety, performance, efficiency and profitability of your next project.