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Completions & Commissioning Services

“Completions is a collaborative effort of commissioning and certification activities that statically and dynamically test a functional system or facility to validate design, installation and fabrication. All project components and areas are tested and certified to perform satisfactorily and operators are confident to place the system or facility in service.”

Proactively Minimizing Risks and Seeking Opportunities

By initiating early front-end loading of commissioning, this enables facility design review to ensure “commission-ability” through all phases of the project execution cycle. At Alpha, we know what the end looks like which allows our team to take a proactive approach to developing a robust and comprehensive commissioning plan that seeks out opportunities to reduce costs, create scheduling efficiencies and minimize risks – all which could add frustrating and costly delays.

Successful Completions Projects at Every Turn

We offer a host of dynamic professional personnel and roles, including:

  • Commissioning Consultants
  • Certification Consultants
  • Certification Managers
  • Certification Coordinators
  • Commissioning Managers
  • Commissioning Engineers/Commissioning Coordinators
  • Senior Commissioning Technicians
  • Commissioning Technicians with All Levels of Experience

Contact us today to learn more about how our experienced commissioning and certification teams can help you improve the safety, performance, efficiency and profitability of your next project.